Okan Tower Miami files for construction permit to Build 890-foot tower

Okan Tower Miami files for construction permit to Build 890-foot tower

Construction of 70-story Okan Tower is moving forward in downtown Miami, which will become the tallest in the city. Turkish developer Okan Group along with contractor Suffolk Construction applied for a construction permit to begin the work, city records show.

The application was filed for on September 16, with an expense of $447,944 charged by the city’s Building Department. The undertaking had just been sent a year ago for survey by the Planning and Zoning Department, however no audit by the Building Department has yet occurred (a development license petitioned for a year ago by a specialist was only a dry run).

It will probably take a very long time for a development license to be given, however contractual workers could likewise settle on another grant that permits establishment work to start sooner in the event that they decide to do as such.

The recently documented grant gauges a hard development cost of $159,980,000. The license additionally states there will be 316 hotel rooms, 399 private units, 65,828 square feet of office, and 2,915 square feet of retail.

Lodgings and apartment suite inn units will be overseen by Hilton, with the property to get known as the Hilton Miami Bayfront.

Prior this late spring, the designer changed over reservations of condominium units into contracts, and gave representative commissions. When finished, the tulip-formed Okan Tower will finish off at 890 feet over the ground, a stature that is taller than some other structure in Miami.

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