Bayside Ferris Wheel Under Construction in Downtown Miami

Bayside Ferris Wheel Miami

Bayside Ferris Wheel Under Construction in Downtown Miami

Bayside ferris wheel construction is now underway at Bayside Marketplace site in downtown Miami. Opening is scheduled before the Super Bowl next year, and pieces of the bayside ferris wheel have been in storage in Miami for months now waiting to be installed.

Bayside delegates have recently said the wheel will be “iconic.” The 176-foot tall wheel will be lit up with LEDs, however will be a lot shorter than the London Eye which is 443 feet.

It will likewise be a lot littler than the proposed Skyrise tower nearby, which is proposed to finish off 1,049 feet above ocean level (Skyrise site work has been in progress for quite a while, however little advancement is obvious).

Skywheel will highlight forty-two cooled gondolas that seat eight travelers each, for an aggregate of 336 travelers. Every gondola will be completely encased and atmosphere controlled. The moderate moving perception wheel ride will last from 12 to 15 minutes.

Bayside Marketplace and Arizona-based Sky View of America are the administrators of the new Ferris wheel.


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