Tatum Waterway New Historic District First Project Approved

Tatum Waterway New Historic District First Project Approved

In the wake of being advised to return to the planning phase, the proprietor and draftsman of what is relied upon to be the primary venture in the new Tatum Waterway Historic District, returned a second time to the Miami Beach Historic Preservation Board with an easier structure idea and a height that is at the lower end of what is required to address ocean level ascent.

Original design for 7925 Crespi Boulevard

The October meeting of the HPB featured the contention between the main activities to work at higher heights for flood strength and encompassing neighbors still at their unique rise which are presently beneath current flood rules.

Proprietor Pierre Elmaleh told the Board he acquired the two now empty structures at 7925 and 7935 Crespi Boulevard backing up to the Tatum Waterway two months before Hurricane Irma. The structures had inhabitants in them, none of whom left in spite of the obligatory clearing orders. Elmaleh, who likewise lives on the water in a 1930’s Spanish-style home, stated, “When you live on the water you become fixated on it, particularly in Miami Beach with its approaching Atlantis notoriety.” But Irma changed things for him. He portrayed his own departure as “horrendous, a 20-hour mass migration headed straight toward wellbeing.”

Pado-Fernandez said, “We always knew the level of scrutiny was going to be very high and the expectations were going to be very high. We tried to make everybody happy. Unsurprisingly that was the perfect recipe to make nobody happy.”…

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2 thoughts on “Tatum Waterway New Historic District First Project Approved”

  • George Ross

    Love the new building design, it will fit nicely in the area don’t understand why they got rejected in the first place.

  • Karen Shaw

    Bravo to the architect! good luck now for the construction of the building.


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